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Back In Kimberley Country


Driving west of the Victoria River towards the East Kimberley the first distinctive sandstone ridges – or mesas – welcome me back to Western Australia. Technically I’m still the N.T. but the geology makes it very clear this is Kimberley country. This is classic Kimberley sandstone, with burnt orange hues and vertical cliff faces. No mater how often I drive these roads these ranges speak to something deep within me.

There is something about this place that moves me, nourishes me. There is something intangible amongst these ‘ruins’ that’s heightens the senses and stirs the soul. Around every corner and in every detail, in each shimmering reflection the Kimberley beckons.

Sitting next to Lake Argyle’s Spillway Creek the place has been transformed by an impressive Wet Season. I sat here back in December, less than 5 months ago with stagnant pools of water and a creek that could be rock-hopped to the far side. Less than 5 months later it is a raging torrent.

It is day one of a 6 week trip and God it feels good to be back in the Kimberley.



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