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Beware Of The Mozzies!

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile

Oh, how history repeats itself. First night in Kakadu and we are devastated by mosquitoes, just like last time. We arrived at sunset and set up shop next to a picturesque little waterhole right on the edge of the national park – a beautiful little spot recommended by a friend of friend. Quick dip to cool off and refresh and then, sure enough, in true Kakadu style the onslaught began. Mosquitos don’t normally like me. In fact, while Ali soaks herself with insect repellent most nights, I can’t remember the last time I used the stuff. Tonight insect repellent is my friend – a friend that promises but doesn’t quite deliver.

It’s probably fitting that the first time I ever heard the Aussie abbreviation ‘Mozzie’ was in relation to Kakadu. There are signs everywhere that warn of saltwater crocs. Perhaps ‘Beware of the fu*#king mozzies’ would be more appropriate.

Big starry skies….. Cold beers… The soothing chorus of cicadas…. Yeah, kinda.  Tonight all is good in the world I’m sure, and Kakadu is magnificent. But right now, amidst the cloud of Sandalwood smoke and the fortress of mosquito coils is that high pitched scream in our ear and that not-so-subtle onslaught that is a plague of hungry mosquitoes.

Beware of the fu*#king mozzies!


Ubirr & Nadab Floodplain, Kakadu


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