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Frilled Neck Lizard

Frill-Necked Lizard

Frilled-Neck Lizard

‘You know frill-neck lizard? He look funny. Used to be good smooth animal. He was man. He done something wrong. Look ugly now… skinny leg, arm, big one ear, frill-neck. What he done? Break law.

He went to sacred ceremony….. called Ubarr. He didn’t listen, clapping hands. Old people tell him, ‘You break law, you’ll be skinny, you won’t grow more. People will see you like that.’ And he went like that… big ear. ‘You’ll be like that for ever and ever.’

Lizard say, ‘You make me back like I was before.’ People say ‘No, you break law. You got to stay like that, it’s law.’

We can’t break law. No, we can’t break law. That frill-neck lizard done it first, now look how thin he is. That his own fault. He spoilt ceremony. We can’t change it. That’s law.  ~ Gagudju Man, Bill Neidjie.


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